Member Collection of Arieane

Collecting Since:September 2000
How I Started Collecting:My collection started with a Maria Osmond porcelain doll – Iliana. Prior to that, my sister collected dolls that she liked and for the past 15 years I would occasionally give her a unique doll. She collects what appeals to her heart.

I always watched the doll shows on HSN and QVC. This particular day, Maria Osmond was on and she had this African American doll named Iliana. She struck a cord with me. I liked the coloring of the doll and the outfit so I broke down and ordered her. That was the beginning of a whole new world of collecting porcelain dolls.

I started collecting Barbie dolls in January 2002. I always admired my sister’s collection. I attended my first Barbie show and sale and that began a new collection. My Barbie collection is very small, but hopefully not for long.

My Collection:My collection is primarily porcelain, African American toddler dolls. However, I have a diverse collection. I also have a collection of dolls from Pauline Jacobson and Boyd’s dolls. I have porcelain replicas of a Bru, Jumeau, fashion dolls, and pin cushion 18th century half dolls. I also have Chatty Kathy, Betty Boop, Madame Alexander, figurines, and Barbie’s.
Favorite Dolls:Pauline Jacobson’s African American dolls. The workmanship in the consuming is great.
Suggestion to New Collectors:Collect only what you really fall in love with, otherwise you will end up with a lot of dolls that you don’t have a passion for. Take your dolls out of the box and play with them from time to time and above all – ENJOY THEM!!!!!
Other Collector News to Share:Something that I didn’t do – keep a notebook listing of your dolls, prices, where you got them and any interesting facts about them.
"Yes, I still play with dolls!"