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Collecting Since:Childhood
How I Started Collecting:When I was 6, I first counted my dolls and found I had 107 of them. Shortly thereafter, I made my first doll outfit on an old tredle sewing machine. In 1960, I saved up my allowance and bought a number three Barbie in a mix and match gift set. Even though my stepfather worked for the department store, there still was a waiting list for Barbies then. So I had been very tempted to spend the quarters out of the mustard jar before Barbie arrived. The set cost $9.00 which included my stepfather’s employee discount. I wish I had kept the box. I do still have the doll and most of the original clothing and this formed the basis of my collection.
My Collection:

I have gotten most everything in vintage doll now except for absolute rarities. So, I now collect Takara Barbie because they remind me of the Twist and Turn era pink skinned Barbie and Francie dolls. I still get some Mattel collector line dolls and prefer the silk stones. I did have a lot of pink box Barbies, but Mattel alienated me by overproduction in the mid nineties.

Takara marketed a 10 ½ inch fashion doll similar to their preteen doll Licca under license from Mattel from 1981 – 1986. The same doll is now produced by Takara but renamed Jenny. Other doll collectors who are partial to Takara Barbie and Jenny dolls include Glenn Mandeville, Karen Caviale and Frankin Lin Loa.

Favorite Dolls:This is subject to change. Believe it or not, my #1 Barbie. I am partial to my bright, red haired, straight leg Midge; my 1965 blonde, high color American Girl Barbie; and my Takara Mink Barbie. I am also very fond of the Kimono Barbies and the School uniform Jenny dolls.
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"Yes, I still play with dolls!"