Member Collection of Jeanne

Collecting Since:2005
How I Started Collecting:I admired the Ball Jointed Dolls that I saw in a BJD workshop at an Anime Convention, and took pictures of them. I then brought my 18” 1960's doll out of the closet, and re-wigged and re-dressed her. I started to enjoy dressing and styling her, but wanted a more poseable doll, so I got on the internet and ordered an Alex 16” articulated doll, and some clothes. Soon I wanted dolls with different hair colors, sizes, types and so on, I became a collector!
My Collection:Barbie Dolls, Alex 16” fashion dolls, Dynamite Girls, Madame Alexander 8” dolls and 18” playdolls, Goodreau BJD, 21-27cm Obitsu & Volks dollfies, Efanbee, Horsman, Middleton babies, Shirley Temple, Precious Moments, Marie Osmond dolls, and Takara Jenny
Favorite Dolls:Lee Middleton “Snowflake Time” doll, Barbie “Alice in Wonderland” & “Pretty in Pleats” Dynamite Girls dolls, Goodreau Innuendo, Marie Osmond “Daisy”, 50th Anniversary Horsman “Cindy”
Suggestion to New Collectors:Shop around for best prices on dolls and outfits that you truly want. Be aware of clothing sizes that will fit various dolls. I found great bargains and fabulous clothes by buying Mini Mood clearance outfits that fit 21-22 cm Obitsu & Volks dolls. Pollyanna outfits fit 14” Betsy McCall as well as MSD dolls. Only Hearts Club outfits fit Stacey.
Other Collector News to Share:New exciting Dolls for 2009:
Efanbee Classics with Flexi-Pose Body
Integrity's New Lines including new characters and a new line of fashion dolls at $25
Ashton Drake's “Delilah Noir” with 2 wigs and 2 complete outfits
"Yes, I still play with dolls!"