Member Collection of Rita

Collecting Since:1991
How I Started Collecting:My daughters were leaving and going off to college and as I was cleaning their bedroom I found their Barbie dolls stored in the closet. I met a past member of the club who invited me to join because of the love of collecting and been a member ever since.
My Collection:Barbies, misc 11 1/2 inch dolls, Babysitter Club, My Buddy & Kid Sister, Disney Princesses, Integrity, Tonner. Cabbage Patch. Misc. Disney Figures, Barbie collectibles from McDonalds, mini's collections.
Favorite Dolls:Barbie Basics, SIS, AA dolls of all kinds. Beautiful Crissy Dolls, Dawn Dolls.
Suggestion to New Collectors:Develop according to your own heart. I love rescuing dolls from the thrift stores all over the country. Collect whatever you like. And if you see something that you have been wanting to collect for a while, go ahead and purchase it because it will get away from you and you will be sorry you did not get it when you should have.
Other Collector News to Share:Conventions and doll shows are the best places to find what you may be looking for. Also Buy, Sell and Trade events.
"Yes, I still play with dolls!"