Member Collection of Vickey

Collecting Since:“Officially” since 1995
How I Started Collecting:My family and ex-spouse knew about my secret love for dolls. I had a collection of dolls that were displayed on a five shelf stand in my bedroom. They included mostly Barbie's and some older AA dolls that were given to me by family. It did not take long for me to dive into this hobby that I love so much today. The "official" collector in me started when a friend, who had been shopping during the holidays saw a lady at TRU with a buggie full of collectible Barbie dolls. My friend inquired about who was the lucky little girl getting all of the pretty Barbie dolls. The lady so graciously stated to her that they were all for herself. She went on to state that she purchased $1000 worth of dolls for herself as a gift to herself for Christmas every year. My friend jokingly said "Hey Vickey, let's collect Barbies" and I eagerly said "ok". Unbeknownst to her I was a closet collector and this was a dream come true to finally come out. And as they say the rest is history.
My Collection:I have a very diverse collection of dolls, because I buy whatever I like. I have an extensive collection of Barbie and friends. My collection also includes, but certainly is not limited to Fayzah Spanos, Lee Middleton, Jan McClean, Jason Wu, Madam Alexander and several others.
Favorite Dolls:My entire bridal collection.
Goddess of Africa.
Other Collector News to Share:How do I display my dolls: I have an actual doll room that is a work in progress (can't decide on a design). My bigger dolls are displayed in my library, where I also have my 16" dolls spaciously displayed on three, five shelf white bookcases alongside my books. I have two curios, one in which showcases my Christie and Julia collection and one that showcases some of my bridal collection. My office is also shared with dolls that were received from an online swap group that I am apart of.
"Yes, I still play with dolls!"